• 2023 - writing

    Sewing – Part 1

    Let’s go back to April 2020. In London we have been in lockdown for almost a month. For some of us, we have to work from home and for some of us, we cannot work from home. I am self employed at that time, and I have my studio. Life has stopped everywhere. There’s plenty of time to kill, each day every day. Like a lot of people, I am trying to find something helpful to do in this weird time. I organize the studio and sort out my stuff. It looks like I won’t be doing any art workshops for a while so I decide to give away coloring…

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  • 2023 - writing

    A new year – time to restart

    Janv 23. Dear me or you or us, I’ve been doing a lot and a lot of thinking recently. It’s been 2 years now that life put me on pause. On pause and it was so hard to think clearly. The motivation left. When life gives you lemons, sometimes even the easiest lemonade is impossible to make. So I’ve been on pause trying my best to keep going with all those lemons around and time has passed as it is. On pause. Last summer I started playing with watercolor and I enjoyed painting things. This winter I painted some wooden figures for Xmas and I enjoyed it so much. I…

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  • Furniture

    The secretary writing desk

    New style and second life for this cutie that was supposed to be thrown away and totally transformed by me. It is painted using different paint colours from Liberon (“bleu petrole” and “celadon”). The top portion of the desk flips out to create a work surface and reveal little storage units that I decided to leave in their original states. The door has been covered using wooden stick and painted for a new style and has a brand new brass handle. The drawer has two brand new brass knobs and the inside is covered with this great nature wallpaper that is also appearing in the lower part of the furniture.The…

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  • Arts and Crafts

    Arts and Crafts

    I spent the last ten years of my London life running art and crafts workshops to children aged 4 to 11 years old here in South London, between after school clubs, festivals, art classes and birthday parties. Teaching them what I know, giving them ideas, making sure they understand colours and the billions things they can do with their hands, introducing them to new techniques and new materials, showing them that everything is possible and that we have no limit, understanding them, making art together, and the most important, having fun! I saw a lot of children growing, becoming creative and more confident. I have always seen children coming to…

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  • Baby Gift

    Colorful Birth Gifts

    For many years I have created very personal birth gifts for my new born babies loved ones. I like the idea of those babies having something very unique in their bedroom made by me. In 2020, when my last nephew was born, I stopped with one style: a colorful unique artwork painted on a little canvas using acrylic paint. Fancy ordering one, please place your order through the Etsy shop: Very good service, Julia understood very well what I wanted for my nephews. I’m so happy with my order, I will definitely recommend Julia’s shop! From Camille ON etsy

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  • Furniture

    The mosaic bedside table

    This one I do not remember how did it look like when I took into my studio, but here is the transformation: the top is covered with these gorgeous broken white/light recycled tiles. The main colour of this cutie is the beautiful Lauren colour from Colours. I like hidden designs and I decided to add this colorful palm tree sheet of paper on the inside. It has of course layers of varnish for extra protection. Also the drawer has a new colorful knob (from my collection of knobs). Height: 53 cm Width: 36.5 cm Length: 48 cm Remember that this its second life and so it is not brand new.…

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  • Furniture

    Studio and well-being

    End of summer 2021. After months and months of not doing much at the studio (for difficult personal, family reasons), I think it is time to focus again on my work and what makes me who I am. This is what my dad would tell me. Being busy painting, creating, making things has always been part of my life. It started as a hobby, over the years, it became a business. 2020 has been complicated for all of us. Life has stopped for months, and changed in a different ways. I stopped my art classes that I was running for so long. I had a new job opportunity and had…

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  • Furniture

    The cane webbing cabinet

    New style for this ex brown old piece of furniture that was given to me. Here is an advice about it: when you collect a furniture like this one, please do not transport it on top of the luggage rack of your bike. I am telling you, this is not a good option… So here it it, this little cabinet: When I got it, it was all painted in white and was dark brown on the inside. It used to have long legs that I immediately cut. I replaced them with these perfect little wooden ones. It gives it more lightness. I also cut out the door to have that…

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  • Furniture

    The tiled footstool

    This one has a story. It comes from a man who was emptying his beloved dad old flat, and was trying to give away as much as he could instead of putting them to trash. The flat was full of old memories. I choose this cute little footstool thinking that I’ll do something nice with it. It was very dusty at that time (and not grey, grey colour was a test). It was covered with an old very dusty fabric and was originally simply in wood. I took it to my art studio and forgot about it for years until very recently when I finished to cover my own pallet…

  • Furniture

    The bedside cabinet

    This cutie was originally destined to be thrown away. When I found it, I immediately had a vision of its new style. I love nature, I love wood colour, I love making something unique… Here is its new look: The top has been sanded and wood stained. The whole table is painted with the beautiful Aquamarine colour from Little Green. The two drawers (and inside drawers) are covered with this colourful tropical leaves wallpaper. The inside paper has few layers of varnish for extra protection. Each drawer has a new colorful knob (probably found in a charity shop). Height: 63.5 cm Width: 44 cm Length: 38.5 cm Drawers: 27.5 cm…

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