Studio and well-being

End of summer 2021.

After months and months of not doing much at the studio (for difficult personal, family reasons), I think it is time to focus again on my work and what makes me who I am. This is what my dad would tell me. Being busy painting, creating, making things has always been part of my life. It started as a hobby, over the years, it became a business.

2020 has been complicated for all of us. Life has stopped for months, and changed in a different ways. I stopped my art classes that I was running for so long. I had a new job opportunity and had to focus an all things new not related with my crafts.

2021 has become the hardest.

Being in my art studio and continuing my craft and my work here, is becoming a huge help for my mental health. I spent some days reorganizing the studio and I think it is time to be back. Here is a picture of my own sideboard, that I upcycled again last year.

To be continued.