2023 - writing

Sewing – Part 1

Let’s go back to April 2020.

In London we have been in lockdown for almost a month. For some of us, we have to work from home and for some of us, we cannot work from home. I am self employed at that time, and I have my studio. Life has stopped everywhere. There’s plenty of time to kill, each day every day.

Like a lot of people, I am trying to find something helpful to do in this weird time. I organize the studio and sort out my stuff. It looks like I won’t be doing any art workshops for a while so I decide to give away coloring pencils, pens, all sort of art supplies. Families with young children are at home with plenty of time to kill and not necessarily supplies to use and I do.

Then they start talking about face masks.

It’s already difficult to find some specific food at the shops, so masks…

Dad is in hospital at that time, and he makes me understand that he will need face masks when he is out, and we will need face masks too for sure. He asks me to make some.

I haven’t sewed for a while, I haven’t really followed sewing patterns before and those fabric masks seem to have special requirements at that time (they should have two to three layers, one space to add a filter, etc…).

I’m doing some researches and I find some patterns, I understand them and here we go: it’s April 2020, I’m at the studio, sewing dozens of masks with all the pieces of fabric that I have. First batch for the family, second batch, for those who need masks around me.

Very proud me and it’s very easy to sew masks.

But it really all started from Dad.

He loved his comic book characters and I tried different ways to make him a mask that he would be so happy and proud to have (not sure he would have worn it though ahah). I transferred images to pieces of fabric, I checked with the fabric I had to see if a pattern can be use, etc… It took me a while… but I have to say it was one of the funniest moments of this weird time.

When I was cutting and assembling pieces together of a yellow and black African wax fabric, I managed to create a Marsupilami theme mask for Dad!

We laughed so much about it. Not sure he ever wore it but the challenge was a success and I enjoyed sewing!

Cheers to you Dad!

From me to you, for now.