2023 - writing

  • 2023 - writing

    Sewing – Part 1

    Let’s go back to April 2020. In London we have been in lockdown for almost a month. For some of us, we have to work from home and for some of us, we cannot work from home. I am self employed at that time, and I have my studio. Life has stopped everywhere. There’s plenty of time to kill, each day every day. Like a lot of people, I am trying to find something helpful to do in this weird time. I organize the studio and sort out my stuff. It looks like I won’t be doing any art workshops for a while so I decide to give away coloring…

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  • 2023 - writing

    A new year – time to restart

    Janv 23. Dear me or you or us, I’ve been doing a lot and a lot of thinking recently. It’s been 2 years now that life put me on pause. On pause and it was so hard to think clearly. The motivation left. When life gives you lemons, sometimes even the easiest lemonade is impossible to make. So I’ve been on pause trying my best to keep going with all those lemons around and time has passed as it is. On pause. Last summer I started playing with watercolor and I enjoyed painting things. This winter I painted some wooden figures for Xmas and I enjoyed it so much. I…

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