The mosaic coffee table

From a second hand table to a unique stylish coffee or side table. 

This table was a rescue. I do not remember from where exactly (donation? Market?) 

It was like this. A tripod table, made in MDF, painted with some stencil paintings.

It took me a while to finish it as I am never too sure about what colour or what material to use… As usual I start, I change, I stop…I change again… I guess it depends of my mood, my desires or even the weather… 

I created the design on its top using broken tiles. It reminds me of the first table I have upcycled years ago for my nan. She was so proud of it! But I did not like the legs on this one …

So after few months of thinking about what to do, I cut them out! I replaced them with brand new hairpin legs from Wicked Hairpins, and here it is, a new and unique interior coffee or side table.

Diameter: 50.5cm – Height: 38.5cm

The table has been sold during summer 2019, it had found a new home and a customer very happy.

Love this item and seller so nice and patient as I had to wait before getting it delivered. Item looks great in situation. Very pleased !

From a customer on Etsy


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