The tiled footstool

This one has a story. One day I was walking on the street with a friend and a man stopped us. He looked like he wanted to have a conversation with people. So we stopped for a chat. He was very nice. He was emptying his beloved father’s flat and was giving away furniture and objects instead of putting them to trash. The place was full of old memories. I choose this cute little footstool thinking that I’ll do something nice with it. It was very dusty at that time (and not grey, grey colour was a test). It was covered with an old very dusty fabric and was originally simply in wood.

I took it to my art studio and forgot about it for years until very recently when I finished to cover my own pallet table with cute little metro tiles. I thought it would be great to use the left over to this stool and make it unique. So I removed the fabric and cleaned the stool. And I glued those tiles. I repainted the stool with another colour and waxed it. So voila its story. A tiled footstool made from an old second hand wooden stool and recycled mini metro tiles.

A bit of details: the wooden footstool is painted using Aquamarine- Deep 198 from Little Green, and waxed using Libéron wax for a distressed finish. The top is covered with little white metro tiles. Please note that tile is a shiny material, and can easily be cleaned using white vinegar. Size: 47.5cm Length x 37.5cm Width x 34.5 cm height Size of the seat: 35cm x 45cm

It can be find here in my Etsy shop.

2 réflexions sur “ The tiled footstool ”

  • 25 janvier 2021 à 12:29

    Somehow I more like the 3rd pic. Where there is no glue yet.
    I feel like its kinda beautiful.

    But you did a great changes there 🙂

    • 28 janvier 2021 à 12:11

      Many thanks 🙂

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