The mosaic bedside table

The mosaic bedside table

This one I do not remember how did it look like when I welcomed it in my studio… probably all brown and sad. Well I turned it into a very unique bedside table: the top is covered with these gorgeous broken white/light recycled tiles.

My main work is to repurpose material right, so here we are!

The main colour of this cutie is the beautiful Lauren colour from Colours.
I like hidden designs and I decided to add this colourful palm tree sheet of paper on the inside. It has of course layers of varnish for extra protection.

Also the drawer has a new colorful knob ( from my collection of knobs).

Height: 53 cm
Width: 36.5 cm
Length: 48 cm

Remember that this its second life and so it is not brand new.
It may contained imperfections. It gives it charm and history and it is what I like. But now it is completely unique.

I like it this way. What do you think?

This cutie can be find in my Etsy shop:

The tiny London flat

The tiny London flat

Let’s talk about London.

A friend of mind bought himself a cute tiny flat years ago, here in South London. He wanted my help to re-decorate the kitchen but most of all and what I really enjoyed giving, was my mosaic touch in there. He always liked my upcycled mosaic tables and wanted something unique for his flat.

I will not show you the all flat but only what I did with the window ledges.

There are two windows sharing the same ledge in the leaving room and the bedroom has two windows with two ledges.

We picked the colours and I broke the tiles…

This is what I did. Some very unique window ledges.

So unique and original.