The blue patterned sideboard

The blue patterned sideboard

This is a sideboard that I received one day. It was left behind after a moving. All green. Beautiful shape. But green. Green, green, green! I do not like this kind of green, and it was so badly painted. Sooooo I sanded it.

I wanted to re-discover the color of wood. It was a long way to finally make all this green paint disappeared.

I liked this blue paint that I had found a while ago, and in a shop I found this beautiful patterned blue and white wallpaper. It was time to use it! I also did not know what to do about the knobs. Keeping them or not keeping them, that was the question. As I am a big fan of charity shops (I love finding treasures), I found this great simple knobs just perfect for this sideboard! I simply applied the same wood stain as the top!

Et voilà, a second life given to this beautiful sideboard!

**No longer available. This cutie has found a new home**

It is perfect for the entrance hall in our new house!

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Furniture and tiles

Furniture and tiles

Over the years, I have been upcycling a lot of funiture.

A material that I discovered many years ago was tiles. Tiles as we know it are used on bathroom walls or kitchen, but for me tiles can simply be broken and used on furniture and I love it.

My story with tiles started that day of 2009 with my grandma bistro table. The tray was broken, and grandma did not really know what to do with it, so I offered her to try something and this something made be transformed my mum’s coffee table, and soooo many other furniture since.

Here is a little gallery of those tiles broken or not and used within the years…

The tiny London flat

The tiny London flat

Let’s talk about London.

A friend of mind bought himself a cute tiny flat years ago, here in South London. He wanted my help to re-decorate the kitchen but most of all and what I really enjoyed giving, was my mosaic touch in there. He always liked my upcycled mosaic tables and wanted something unique for his flat.

I will not show you the all flat but only what I did with the window ledges.

There are two windows sharing the same ledge in the leaving room and the bedroom has two windows with two ledges.

We picked the colours and I broke the tiles…

This is what I did. Some very unique window ledges.

So unique and original.

The little nursery wardrobe

The little nursery wardrobe

I like to use old furniture to create something special as it becomes a unique piece!

Here is a unique little wardrobe that I have upcycled a while ago.

Here is how I one day found it. I loved its doors and its shape straight away!

After thinking about what to do about it, I decided to give it a big change: I wanted it to become a little wardrobe (why not?). A cute little nursery wardrobe for a little one or simply a little linen wardrobe.

No more dark colour, I wanted it light and sweet!

I love to use wallpaper on a furniture, and I love nature too… so I decided to mix them both with this gorgeous wallpaper. I have also added these awesome knobs from Anthropologie, and I decided to create some little natural wooden frames on each door. I also distressed it a little bit for a more vintage look.

Dimensions :
-Height: 85.5 cm
-Length: 78.5 cm
-Width: 46 cm

Have a look at the shop for other discoveries

**No longer available. This cutie has found a new home**

The dressing table

The dressing table

This cutie came from a friend. She could not keep it anymore. The table was all white. Cute though!

Well I decided to give it some change: I painted it in blue, then in light green, then I distressed it, and I waxed it. I found new knobs for the two drawers and the mirror (to hang up jewellery, necklaces, etc…) and I found some fabric that I thought would be perfect with!

I really like these little birds!

 Et voilà! This is a unique piece of furniture.

**No longer available. This cutie has found a new home**

The mosaic coffee table

The mosaic coffee table

From a second hand table to a unique stylish coffee or side table. 

This table was a rescue. I do not remember from where exactly (donation? Market?) 

It was like this. A tripod table, made in MDF, painted with some stencil paintings.

It took me a while to finish it as I am never too sure about what colour or what material to use… As usual I start, I change, I stop…I change again… I guess it depends of my mood, my desires or even the weather… 

I created the design on its top using broken tiles. It reminds me of the first table I have upcycled years ago for my nan. She was so proud of it! But I did not like the legs on this one …

So after few months of thinking about what to do, I cut them out! I replaced them with brand new hairpin legs from Wicked Hairpins, and here it is, a new and unique interior coffee or side table.

Diameter: 50.5cm – Height: 38.5cm

The table has been sold during summer 2019, it had found a new home and a customer very happy.

Love this item and seller so nice and patient as I had to wait before getting it delivered. Item looks great in situation. Very pleased !

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